AGM: Resolutions

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Members received an email on 1 September with details of the resolutions put to the AGM. As a reminder, they were:

Resolution 1 –That Editors Victoria Inc. (Registration No. A0023664H) (‘the Association’) will continue as a registered association for the time being, as described in the document Editors Victoria to Continue as a Registered Association.

Resolution 2 – That the following members, who are members of the executive committee of the Editors Victoria branch of IPEd, shall also serve as members of the committee of the Association until the next general meeting at which an election of committee members is held or until the Association applies for cancellation of its registration, whichever occurs first:

Jackey Coyle, President•
Mary-Jo O’Rourke, Vice-President
Kate Cuthbert
Paul Bugeja
Charles Houen, Secretary and Treasurer.

Both resolutions were passed at the AGM.