Training Update

On 15 October, we have Jackey Coyle's Advanced Dance Steps for the Self-Employed Editor, a full-day course for freelancers wanting to take their editing business to the next level in a competitive freelance market. Jackey's highly successful format mixes information, discussion and activity to cover the five essential elements of being successfully self-employed: masterminding the big picture as well as taking care of the details; getting your name out there; creating and looking after the wealth; learning constantly to broaden and deepen your know-how; and working smarter to keep all your irons in the fire. Bookings close 7 October.

The training program is due for a revamp in 2017 and to kick it off we want to know what members think. So watch out for our upcoming survey – we are keen to hear your feedback about the purpose of our training, what courses we should offer, how our program should be structured and provided, how we should link with other training providers and any other ideas you have. The email with the survey link will be sent in early October.

Ron Thiele
Training Officer