Reminder: Editors of North-East Victoria (EDNEV) Freelance Lunch

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The north-eastern region of Victoria covers two million (plus) hectares and incorporates nine(!) shires. Can you believe EDNEV is crazy enough to think it can pull together a bunch of freelancers to shoot the breeze and pick each other’s brains on the vagaries and challenges of being a ‘bushbirdo wordo’ (go figure on the phonetics of English!) But, so far, the signs are there that each of our meetings (held roughly every two months) has given attendees lots of food for thought and delectation. If Yea is just too remote, let us know and we will do the miles to you – that is, we are a movable feast. Come join us for food, fun and plenty of inspiration.

The next meeting of EDNEV will be on Wednesday 19 October at MannaFest Cafe, Yea, at 12pm. For further information, ring Ruth Fluhr on 5790 8606.