Mentoring Update

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Please welcome our new mentoring coordinator for Victoria, Louise Zedda-Sampson, who started in the role in August.

Louise can be contacted at

IPEd National Mentoring Program

Moving Forward

Mission accomplished … for now! IPEd and its branches across Australia (except the ACT) became a fact on 1 July. In one important way, we are all still together: the IPEd National Mentoring Program remains ‘national’ in that the Canberra Society of Editors (CSE) is included, in the same way as any other editing organisation in Australia would be included if they wished to be. From the start, we have accepted mentors and mentees into the program so long as they are members of ‘an editing society’ – we have never specified where that should be. So we have welcomed people into our program from all over Australia and from the UK, South Africa and Belgium, with interest also from editors in other parts of the world. We see no reason to back down from that stance, and, indeed, we look forward to furthering the collaboration across boundaries that the program has already fostered.

A Bit of Admin for State Coordinators

As we have only just handed over our finances to IPEd (CSE was handling that aspect of the program from the start), arrangements for mentees to pay their fees are, as I write, being discussed between the program’s national coordinators and the appropriate IPEd officers. If you have someone in your state who is itching to get their mentee fee paid, please ask them to be patient. Mentorships can, of course, proceed, with the local state coordinator keeping an eye on things for a little while. As soon as the arrangements are revised and written up, they will go in a new Procedure document that all state coordinators can access. It won’t be a long wait … promise!

A Flurry of Mentors?

Some days ago in Canberra we enjoyed a brief flurry of snow – pretty to look at if you were snug indoors! At the same time, we seem to have had a ‘flurry’ of prospective mentors. We are currently organising some mentors’ workshops that will be offered by Skype, [the final one on] 5 September at 7.30pm (Canberra time). A workshop lasts for no more than 1.5 hours. Anyone thinking of being a mentor in our program is asked to attend a workshop so that we keep our program running on the same lines throughout the profession in Australia, and so that you meet others and discuss interesting case studies. The workshops are hosted by one or other of the national coordinators. If you would like one of us to run a face-to-face workshop in your own branch, let us know and we’ll arrange that. We also ask new state coordinators to attend a workshop, whether or not they intend to be a mentor – we believe it makes the task a lot easier when you know how mentoring works in our program.

We currently have quite a few prospective mentors waiting to be fitted into workshops, but there is room for more, and we will run more workshops later to suit others. Just contact your local state coordinator for details. We need about 10 days’ notice so that we can send some reading material. The workshop is free.

Happy mentoring – our program is the envy of other editing organisations around the world because there are no limits on what you can ask to be mentored in (provided it has something to do with editing). We want to keep it that way and we will, with your help.

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Elizabeth Manning Murphy DE (
Joint National Coordinators