Dear Ed

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dearedDear Ed,

How can I find work–life balance as a freelancer?



Dear Melita,

The work–life conundrum never goes away. I can guarantee that the next time you’re awake at 2am trying to get your work day out of your head, you’ll really be thinking about the work–life conundrum … even if it is disguised as a list of 18 things you have to do tomorrow, or perhaps a shorter list of the nine things you forgot to do today, or perhaps an even shorter list of the six things you need to check that you actually did without stuffing up.

The best way to maintain any kind of work–life balance is to schedule regular breaks and make sure you take them. There will always be another deadline but you can't continually put work deadlines ahead of personal deadlines and expect to maintain your health and sanity. (Not to mention eyesight, mental acuity, a partner who still talks to you and a dowager’s hump that can still undowage itself.)

All of which explains why I'm off to Gabo Island in an hour's time, tinnie in tow. If you can hang around for another month, I'll give you a more considered response then. If you can’t, I’ll drop a message in a bottle.

Must go,