Editors of North-East Victoria (EDNEV) July Meeting

EDNEV enjoyed an alfresco lunch at MannaFest Cafe in Yea on Wednesday 20 July. The establishment has a beautifully maintained, lusciously proportioned vegetable garden, where patrons can soak up any available winter sun – and that’s just what we did! We actually needed our sunnies!

The talk ranged far and wide, probing an interesting array of editing issues: how to maintain your mojo after a particularly challenging edit; the particularities of science editing vis-a-vis style and seriousness of tone; and, amusingly, the vagaries of blog styles. We dwelt on the latter issue in quite a bit of detail, arriving at a consensus on the need to be persistently aware of the audience/reader in any task of writing/editing, but perhaps even more so when one aims to reach a wide readership with material that can become overly technical.  

The next meeting of EDNEV will be on Wednesday 19 October, at MannaFest Cafe, Yea, at 12pm. For further information, ring Ruth Fluhr on 5790 8606.