July 2016

Viva La Novella IV: Selecting the Novella

Back in the April newsletter, we noted Tom Langshaw’s win of the Viva La Novella IV competition, which is sponsored by IPEd. With a mentor, Tom’s task is to take his selected novella through the whole editing process: contracting, manuscript development, author support and editing, through to print and post-publication promotion.

Tom will write a series of articles for IPEd explaining his experiences, which add up to pretty amazing professional development for an editor.

His first article, on selecting the winning novella for publication, details the challenges of the selection process and what influenced his final choice. His article is a personal account of the process and is both entertaining and informative.

You can find it on the Articles about editing page of the IPEd website.


IPEd National Mentoring Program

Are You a Matchmaker?

The Victorian Mentoring Coordinator stood down on 30 June, so we're looking for a new coordinator. Use your matchmaking powers for the good of editing and editors. If we've sparked your interest, drop us a line at admin@editorsvictoria.org.

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What’s Coming Up?

The mentoring program is going from strength to strength. The feedback from participants is excellent, and this is largely because we have put no limits on what an editor can be mentored in, provided it is related to editing. If you choose to be mentored in something unusual, please be patient while we search for an appropriate mentor for you; that’s all! Meanwhile, if you would like to find out more about being a mentor (even if you’re ‘just looking’ at the moment), write to either Ted or Elizabeth – or to mentorship@editorsvictoria.org for Victorian editors – and we’ll fit you into an upcoming Skype mentors’ workshop. Ask any of us,or your local coordinator, for the Guidance Notes – they are free to anyone interested.


John Simkin Medal 2016: Call for Nominations

The Australian and New Zealand Society of Indexers (ANZSI) invites nominations for the John Simkin Medal – an award recognising an outstanding index to a book or periodical compiled in Australia or New Zealand. The John Simkin Medal, previously known as the ANZSI Medal, has been renamed in honour of John Simkin, one of the founding members of ANZSI.


Typo of the Month

Unfortunate placement rather than a typo; as captured by Susan Pierotti in Melbourne traffic.

stay alive Le Pine edit

Dear Ed

dearedDear Ed,

I was booked up in March for three jobs, but then two of them were cancelled and it left me in a financial mess. What can I do?