IPEd from 1 July 2016 – What You Can Expect

This information was in the notes circulated mid-June. In case you didn’t read that email, here’s what you can expect now that we are a branch of IPEd.

From 1 July 2016, the members of the societies of editors that supported the IPEd transition will become members of IPEd and their membership records transferred to IPEd.

The new IPEd membership system, MEMNET, will have an online member portal on the IPEd website that members will be able to use to:

review and update personal records

renew and pay subscriptions

book and pay for events

subscribe to the Editors Directory (ED), if eligible, and enter and maintain directory entry

access members-only information.

At the same time, these societies of editors will become branches of IPEd and will continue to organise events, member meetings, training and mentoring activities much the same way as the societies did. Events and meetings will be promoted on the branch websites and through the national webmail system, and bookings and payments will be handled via MEMNET.

Renewing Your Membership

As a member of IPEd, you will keep the same membership renewal date as you did in your society. If your membership renewal falls due on 1 July, you will be sent a renewal notice from IPEd and will be able to renew your membership using the MEMNET online portal.

If your society membership renewal date is after 1 July 2016 you will receive a credit against the IPEd subscription fee for the unexpired portion of your membership. The new IPEd fee may be higher, requiring you to pay a pro rata top-up fee to make up the balance of the IPEd subscription for the year, which is the period until your membership anniversary date. Your invoice will indicate the top-up fee.

More detail regarding the above is available in the ‘Your Transition questions answered’ document on the IPEd website.

IPEd Membership Fees for the 2016–17 Financial Year

Honorary Life Member: Nil

Professional Member: $180

Associate Member: $135

Student Member: $65

Concessional subscriptions (available for any of the above categories):

- Retired or temporary leave (>6months): $85

- Concession-card holders:$65

- Hardship consideration (for existing members only): $65

Corporate Members

- 2–3 editorial staff: $360

- 4–6 editorial staff: $720

- 7–10 editorial staff*: $1,260

* For more than 10 staff, add additional subscriptions as appropriate

Editors Directory

The records of the freelance registers and databases from the societies of editors will be transferred to IPEd and, soon after 1 July, the national Editors Directory (for professional members only) will be created. This will be publicly available on the IPEd website.

The branches of IPEd will maintain their freelance registers until the ED has been developed to ensure a consistent online presence for those with entries.