President’s Report

As June rolls around again, we’re preparing for endings and new beginnings. But this year, the end of June (and the financial year) marks not only a transition in our personal and business affairs but also a huge transition for our society: 1 July is the date set for Editors Victoria to become a state branch of a national editors’ organisation. This transition is the culmination of many years of hard work, and it won’t all happen immediately. The key staff members are yet to begin and much needs to be set up so we start out in the best possible place.

The national organisation will give us a real opportunity to tell the world who we are and to let them know we aren’t huddled over manuscripts in a lonely room merely correcting typos and grocers’ apostrophes. We are out there in the world, whether real or virtual, managing projects across multimedia, shaping communication, designing the reader experience and clarifying the voice of the writer so it emerges from the smoke of muddled syntax and clunky storytelling as a clear bright flame that burns into the heart and mind of the reader.

Our greatest need is for the new national organisation to advocate for our profession in high places: to be a national voice for editors so we have a say when it comes to ideas and publishing. This will build on our authority as experts in our field; increasing respect for our expertise will raise our profile and, thus, the potential for more fitting remuneration.

At our meeting of the full committee last week, 15 of us gathered at the long table at the Wheeler Centre to discuss our portfolios and what we need to do to ready ourselves for July and onwards.

I was blown away by the talent, ideas, drive, dedication and sheer hard work of the people who continue to innovate so we keep giving all members the great benefits and services that Editors Victoria has become known for. We have a full calendar of exciting events and training for the rest of the year and things will be in top shape to hand over when the need arises.

This leadership won’t end with the transition – our local community will be even more important. And rest assured, all of us in your committee will continue to guard your interests fiercely. This transition must work for all of us, whether nationally or locally.

See you at the dinner meeting!

Jackey Coyle