EDNEV (Editors of North-east Victoria) Report

At our recent May meeting, EDNEV saw a 50% increase in its numbers – we now boast not two, but three members! Our discussion at this lunch meeting included frustrations common to many freelancers: job scope and job creep. In other words, how to specify just what one will and will not do when taking on work, and what to do when the job starts to assume a shape alarmingly different from the original agreement. The varied expertise present was extremely helpful in providing suggestions for combating the unwanted and unexpected difficulties that freelancers can face out there in the cruel world of hard-nosed editing business. One common problem aired over lunch was the need for early detection of situations when the client isn’t clear about what the editor can or should do. The discussion also ranged to advanced training for more experienced editors, and the directions that publishing and print media are taking.

Please feel free to join us in July!

Next EDNEV meeting: 11.30am for 12 noon lunch on Wednesday 20 July 2016. The Folly, Yea Emporium MannaFest Cafe, 94 High Street, Yea. Contact Ruth Fluhr on 03 5790 8606 or at ruth.fluhr@gmail.com.