Gippsland Editors Report

Eventful work and social schedules meant that only four of the regular Gippsland editors attended our April gathering at the Gippy Goat Cafe in Yarragon. True to form since its opening only a few months ago, the cafe was bustling with patrons on the day of our visit.

Conversation ranged from our latest work projects to the sometimes questionable 'joys' of technology, and also touched on the importance of maintaining our health and wellbeing when self-employed. We were joined by Sally’s daughter Helena, who penned an excellent sketch of a goat (appropriately enough) and left us laughing with her joke about a piece of string who walks into a bar.

The pretty town of Meeniyan is the venue for our next gathering, which will be held on Friday 15 July. For further details, please contact Caitilin on 0421 545 282 or