This month, we have important information on membership renewals in the light of our upcoming transition from a state society to a branch of IPEd. On this matter, IPEd also has an FAQ paper that you can download, with information on membership, fees, the freelance directory, professional development and more under the new arrangements.

Our IPEd accreditation reps, Sandra Duncanson and Steph Heriot, have information on accreditation renewal and useful resources for those doing the upcoming accreditation exam. If you are planning to tackle the exam, you may like to join the IPEd exam Facebook study group that has been set up by Victorian editor Louise Zedda-Sampson (it’s for members all over Australia).

Louise has also written this month’s book review, of something a bit different – a grammar picture book, but not just for kids.

Kate Cuthbert reports on the April dinner meeting with business adviser Lena Smarrelli, and gives us the dates and themes for the remainder of the year’s dinner events. The next dinner, on Wednesday 15 June, will feature Veronica Sullivan, editor of Kill Your Darlings literary journal. Freelance lunches are continuing, with the next one on 24 May, and the editors of north-eastern Victoria (EDNEV) are establishing themselves as another regional group. Upcoming training courses focus on e-books, blurbs and PR, copyediting and skills for the self-employed editor. I’ve compiled a list of all the upcoming events, which are also in the left-hand column of the newsletter email.

Under the spotlight this month are two members of our communication subcommittee, Paul Bugeja and Sally Holdsworth, who are both studying and working in various forms. Sally considers herself a newbie editor while Paul has lots of experience, especially in the world of digital editing (and may be the first author to include a hashtag in his newsletter article).

The RMIT writing and editing students are calling for submissions to their journal, Visible Ink. And, as always, we welcome new members, Dear Ed explains the world as only he/she can, and we present etymology, typos and interesting links to both educate and amuse.

Until next month,

Margie Beilharz
Newsletter Editor