President’s Report

Greetings from Nawlins!

The best thing about travelling in spring is the growth and sense of optimism. A week ago, New York City was filled with flowering blossom trees and mass displays of bulbs in flower. And the vagaries of Melbourne weather aren’t exclusive to us: two weeks ago it was snowing in New York but when we arrived the days were reaching 24 degrees Celsius and the city was filled with sunshine and reawakening gardens.

While I’m slacking off, our committee and staff are keeping things running so you continue to receive value through your membership. And not only the visible benefits, such as professional development, dinner and lunch meetings and the freelance register, but also key elements such as membership, secretarial, finances, communications and accreditation.

The IPEd transition is gathering momentum, with key positions in the process of being filled. You’ll have received a recent email about what will happen with your membership, and we will continue to update you on how you’re affected by becoming a member of the national body.

The best of wishes to those of you who are assiduously preparing for the accreditation exam next month. And to those of you from the accreditation in 2011 who are now renewing.

Be well.

Jackey Coyle

[And for those who didn’t read this with the appropriate accent, I’ll just point out that Jackey was writing from New Orleans. She'll be back soon. Ed]