EDNEV (Editors of North-east Victoria) Update

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EDNEV finally conducted an impromptu launch in March, with lunch for two at the MannaFest Cafe in Yea (Yay!!). Grasping the moment was the right decision, as our May meeting promises to have a membership increase of at least 100%!

So, if you are an editor living in north-east Victoria and looking for like-minded word nerds, would you like to meet up with EDNEV friends for a bimonthly (every two months) lunch in the region? Come out of the scrub and share your editing journey – your ideas, frustrations and highs.

Next EDNEV meeting: 18 May 2016 at the Yea Emporium MannaFest Cafe, 94 High Street, Yea, at 11.30am for 12 noon lunch.

We will meet in The Folly – a private room ideally suited for enthusiastic discussion of editing matters, eating, laughter, even tears, if need be. In the latter regard, EDNEV will, at the May meeting, address the gnarly business of job workflows and scope creep. Half of our membership, already seasoned actors in the business, will lead the rest of us into the light on this important aspect of freelance editing.

Contact Ruth Fluhr on 03 5790 8606 or at ruth.fluhr@gmail.com