IPEd Exam Facebook Study Group

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An independent group to share exam resources has been set up on Facebook by Victorian editor Louise Zedda-Sampson. Secret Editors IPEd Study Group is open to all current financial members of all state editors' societies.

The group provides an opportunity for people who are sitting the exam, or just considering it, to raise questions, share resources and make contact with other candidates. The group also has a Dropbox of shared resources. Louise will verify that you are a current state society member based on your membership of the Secret Editors’ Business group. (Membership of Secret Editors’ Business is vetted by state societies.)

To join Secret Editors’ Business or the Secret Editors IPEd Study Group, follow the links given here, or log in to Facebook, type the relevant group name into the search field at the top of the page and click the button ‘+ join group’. (Please check your 'Other Messages' Facebook inbox a few days after requesting to join, in case there has been a problem verifying your current society membership.)

Please note that, even though this study group is only open to members of state societies, the page is not run or administered by IPEd, Editors Victoria or any other state society.

Sandra Duncanson and Steph Heriot
Victorian IPEd Accreditation Board Representatives