President’s Report

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It’s a warm autumn evening as I write.

We’ve just met for our March executive committee meeting. And a good one it was, too, filled with ideas, with possibilities opening up for the future.

For the last 18 months our time and energy has been consumed by the IPEd transition: wading through lengthy working papers; discussing what the future would hold under a national membership model; pondering what’s in the best interests of our members; and planning how to communicate a complex set of changes elegantly so as many of you as possible could vote with the best information at hand.

With the transition will come a centralisation of many administrative tasks, which will help smaller societies around the country with fewer members to fill positions on their committee. For us, this also means good news.

Over the years we have been fortunate to build a strong committee with enough members to elect subcommittees to assist with managing the various portfolios. Yet with larger numbers come greater workloads and time commitments from our volunteers, in addition to tasks taken care of by our paid staff.

Lessening of the administrative burden for several portfolios will enable us to fan the flames of the greater vision that we dreamed of when I began my presidency – one that has been reduced to a flicker while we dealt with the necessities of the transition.

This vision is of building the profile of editors so we remain an essential element of the publishing landscape; so our work is valued and remunerated accordingly in this era of disruption. This vision is of deepening our connections with other publishing organisations – Editors Victoria is not only an integral part of this City of Literature, but also of Australian publishing. Our vision is of using funds accrued from all the decades of careful and responsible management for projects that matter – for example, a history of the 45 years of our society; sponsorship of important events, awards and/or causes; special local events; and benefits that bring value to your membership and nurture the parts that make Editors Victoria the wonderful organisation that it is.

Our training program has truly kicked in for the year. Another freelance lunch is just gone and our April dinner meeting is coming up in perfect time to maximise your end-of-year finances. The accreditation exam preparations are well under way for the exam in June, after the well-attended and information-packed ‘not a dinner meeting’ in March. Read on for more details about the exam, as well as news of all the amazing things your committee members have organised and set up.

I’ll be out of the country in April and, although I’ll be checking in, Charles Houen and Mary-Jo O’Rourke will be on hand to keep the flame alight.

Go well!

Jackey Coyle