IPEd Transition Update

Following the vote for the transition of IPEd to a national membership organisation, plans to establish the new structure are well under way. Three subcommittees have been established to manage key aspects of the transition, namely recruitment, policy, and systems and records.

The recruitment subcommittee has worked to develop the role descriptions and skills required for three new part-time positions that were advertised nationally in March.

The policy subcommittee will work on the code of ethics and other policies, and the systems and records subcommittee, comprising representatives from the participating societies, will deal with the process of transferring member records to IPEd and updating society and IPEd websites.

The achievements of these subcommittees will be reported over the next few months.

Technical Transition Manager Appointed

Charles Houen has been appointed the Technical Transition Manager for IPEd until June 2016.

Working with the systems and records subcommittee, his role will include establishing a national member records system and ensuring a smooth transition of member records from the participating society systems to IPEd. He will also establish the systems for member applications and renewals, event registration, the member portal and the Editorial Services Directory.

Transition FAQs

The IPEd Transition Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) document on the IPEd website aims to address the main concerns members of the societies of editors have regarding the transition, and covers issues such as fees, the Editorial Services Directory and the benefits of IPEd membership.