Fish Creek, Corner Inlet and Chocolate Cake

If you’re ever exploring the lovely landscapes of South Gippsland, a visit to the Fish Creek Hotel is well worth adding to your itinerary. This was the venue for the latest gathering of the Gippsland editors. Anne, Jan, Sophie, Maree and Caitilin met there on a sunny Friday in February, where we enjoyed the friendly atmosphere, the wonderful art (including Anne’s fabulous ochre paintings), our usual engaging conversation and a pleasant meal.

(L-R) Anne Roussac-Hoyne, Sophie Dougall, Jan Miller, Caitilin Punshon and Maree Wallace enjoying afternoon tea on Anne's verandah. Photo: Sophie Dougall


The highlight of the day, however, came later when Anne invited us back to her home on the shores of Corner Inlet. With glorious views and an atmosphere that could not help but induce a state of relaxation, we sat on the verandah drinking tea and watching the swans. We did eventually get around to discussing a little bit of editing business, including the upcoming IPEd accreditation exam. Mostly, though, the day was about enjoying time with friends in a truly beautiful part of the world. Many thanks to Anne for sharing her haven with us, for being such a gracious host and for baking a spectacular chocolate cake.

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Beautiful view of Corner Inlet. Photo: Sophie Dougall

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Caitilin Punshon
Gippsland Editors