February 2016

December Gippsland Editors Meeting

It was a merry group of nine who attended the fourth and final gathering of the Gippsland editors for 2015. We were pleased to be joined once more by Sally’s sister Siân (try saying that nine times fast!) and welcomed Jeanette for the first time. Our venue was Saltbush restaurant in Morwell, where we all enjoyed a very tasty lunch. Sophie and Anne embraced the festive spirit with a bit of Kris Kringle while the sometimes sprightly conversation covered a number of editing conundrums, including the ethics of altering spoken communication for print publications and what to do if a referral to another editor doesn’t work out.


Typo of the Month

Crater of Mount Eccles Victoria This image of the crater of Mount Eccles, a dormant volcano in south-western Victoria, is a painting by Eugene von Guérard. 

The typo is actually in the name of the mountain, as I discovered while working on old reports from the Land Conservation Council. Explorer Thomas Mitchell called it Mt Eeles after a comrade-in-arms but a draughtsman's mistake, changing it to Eccles, has perpetuated.

Of course, we could call it Budj Bim, the name given by the land's traditional owners.

[The image is now in the public domain; CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons]

Dear Ed

Dear Ed,deared

My name is Vanessa and I hate January. I don’t know if you’re aware of it, but there is a very popular Collins diary called a Vanessa. So I have weeks of people around the office calling out ‘Oh, where’s my Vanessa?’, ‘My new Vanessa isn’t as good as my old Vanessa.’ or ‘Can you go to Stationery and get me a new Vanessa? This one’s out of date.’ I hate it. What do you suggest?