For some people, especially for the Editors Victoria committee, 2015 has been about the vote on the direct membership model. Yes, we are heading to a national society, and Jackey Coyle reports on the vote and what that means to Editors Victoria in her president’s column.

For others, probably the majority of members, our editing life carries on as usual, with perhaps a holiday blip over Christmas and school holidays. That continuation is also reflected in this edition of the newsletter, with our regular updates and columns – such as the ever thought-provoking Dear Ed – plus a couple of special articles.

Stephanie Holt, who among various roles teaches editing at RMIT, is our editor under the spotlight this month. Communications officer Paul Bugeja recently attended the media conference Storyology 2015 in Sydney, and gives us his perspective (it’s a positive one) of how digital journalism is affecting storytelling in the media. Louise Zedda-Sampson reviews the new book by UK linguist David Crystal – a whole book on punctuation – and it’s almost Christmas! And Harriet Empey reports back on last week’s record-setting freelance lunch.

There are a few deadlines that may be relevant to you: Mary-Jo O’Rourke is preparing the 2016 Freelance Register, so renew (or apply) soon; and the IPEd Prize closes at the end of the week. Read on for more details.

If you’re able to make it, enjoy the glam December cocktail event to celebrate Christmas and the society’s 45th anniversary.

Our next newsletter will come out at the start of February 2016.

All the best until then,

Margie Beilharz
Newsletter Editor