President’s Report

Welcome to our final newsletter for the year. And what a momentous year this has been – for most of 2015 our plans and ideas have hung in suspense, coloured by the uncertainty of the result of our vote on IPEd direct membership.

And now we know: 80% of votes is a definitive ‘yes’ – a decent margin above the 75% required to carry it.

Thank you to those who took the time to attend our special general meeting, whether to vote in person or to hear the result. We’d been pedalling so hard to get to the top of this hill that it was almost anticlimactic when the time came to make the announcement. Now that we were freewheeling down until tackling the next hill, I felt the mix of feelings that people shared with me later – sadness, excitement, relief, apprehension – when I delivered the result.

It’s great that so many of you voted – one-third of eligible membership isn’t such a bad turnout, I’m told. Our biggest goal was to get as many as possible to cast their votes in order for this ballot result to truly represent the wishes of the majority of members. And if you’re one of the 20% who voted against, we know you’re there and are determined that you’ll continue to receive the same value from your membership, and hopefully more.

One important thing we agreed on is that our grassroots presence must become even stronger. We must foster the spirit of Editors Victoria.

At our committee meeting the week after the special general meeting, we decided to quarantine some funds for a history of our society prior to transferring the remainder to IPEd. We’ll be fleshing out ideas at coming meetings. Your ideas are welcome, as always!

We may become a branch, but it is the branch that blossoms, that bears fruit, that reveals the first tender shoots of new growth. And the branches would not have grown without the roots that we put down 45 years ago when our founding members met in Melbourne. If IPEd can be the trunk that has grown from these roots and replenishes and nourishes our branches, we can continue to blossom and bear fruit and send out shoots.

Editors Victoria is made up of people – our founders, our honorary life members, our committee, our past presidents, our full members and our associate members, our remote members and our student members. And our staff who take care of so many of the administrative tasks of a 600-plus membership so our committee volunteers can take care of their portfolios. Thank you, all, but especially our committee, for all that you do.

I’m proud of our people, of our strong, vibrant society, what we have achieved and what we can now achieve. I’m looking forward to celebrating, commiserating and commemorating with you when we celebrate our sapphire anniversary and our final Christmas as an independent society at our elegant cocktail event. Our events team has come up with some brilliant speakers and surprises – I can’t wait to glam up and see what they have cooked up, and to catch up with you.

May your Christmas be merry and bright. May your New Year be inspiring and successful. And here's to meeting your last deadlines with ease!

Till next year.

Jackey Coyle