IPEd Vote: the Figures

The results of the vote on the IPEd direct membership model transition are in and the transition will go ahead for us – see the IPEd announcement for more details.

Our members voted approximately 80% in favour, with about one-third who were eligible to vote doing so. We'll keep you informed as the transition begins to gather speed for an end of financial year changeover.

At our executive committee meeting the following week, we discussed the implications of a transition to a national body. 

We agreed that our local community would become vital and we'll need to work towards strengthening what makes your local network so valuable. Do let us know your thoughts and ideas.

This table includes the full results of the vote on IPEd's transition to a direct membership model, with participation rates for each society and in total. Importantly, this vote had the highest participation rate of any IPEd vote at 41% – past votes have ranged from 19% to 29%.

Jackey Coyle