September 2015

The Monthly Q&A: Sandra Duncanson

Sandra Duncanson is the Senior Editor at Insight Publications, an independent educational publisher that specialises in senior secondary English textbooks.

How has your month been?

The last month has been pretty exciting, actually. My first book, English Year 10, was released at the end of July, so we are promoting that at the moment. It was a real labour of love, and I'm incredibly proud of the finished product. Now, I'm working on a chapter for our Literature textbook that is due for release in October. I've also travelled to a few different places across the state recently, running professional development seminars for teachers about implementing the new VCE English Study Design, sharing resources and discussing strategies for how the new course might influence the Years 7-10 curriculum.


Gippsland Editors Brave the Weather

It was decidedly damp when seven Gippsland editors gathered on 27 August for their second meeting. The pleasures of good company and the warmth of the Koonwarra Store were a welcome contrast to the cold and rain. The same editors who were present our first meeting came again to share news and advice, ponder editing questions and tell the odd (slightly rude) joke.


Dear Ed

dearedDEAR AccreditED,

I had a great time during the week proofreading a book that had lots of errors in it. It was great, made me feel I was really earning my fee! What I want to know is, given you've been editing since the year dot, do you still get a kick out of finding errors when you proofread?