News from the Accreditation Board

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Planning for the next accreditation exam, currently scheduled for April 2016, is becoming more intense. The Board is working towards presenting the exam on-screen using Microsoft Word. We hada trial run of the current prototype scheduled for Saturday 11 July in Canberra, tol tell us if we are on the right track. After the trial, and after we have made any changes that come out of it, we will be making the prototype available on the IPEd website for everyone to try out.

We sent out a request for expressions of interest to AEs and DEs to be involved in the development and marking team, and we expect to have a team in place by the time you read this newsletter.

For those of you who might not have had a lot of experience in Microsoft Word, please don't feel you will be disadvantaged - the exam will require only a basic knowledge of Word. The aim is to test your editing skills against the Australian standards for editing practice; it will not be a test of your ability to use Word. There will be exam preparation workshops in each society before the exam, and these will include an opportunity to brush up on your Word skills.

And to all our AEs who were accredited in 2011: your accreditation is due for renewal in June 2016, and we will be contacting you early next year about it. In the meantime, it might be worthwhile making sure you are meeting the requirements for renewal, particularly in terms of your professional development activities. You will need to demonstrate continuing employment or involvement in the editing profession, and that you have undertaken a range of professional development activities over the past five years. More details are on the IPEd website.

Ted Briggs
Chair, Accreditation Board