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I'm happy to report that my name is on the list of new members this month - I joined Editors Victoria as an associate member in 2013 but finally got my portfolio together to apply for full membership on the basis of accumulated editing work. Being accepted is very pleasing but also timely: you need to be a full member to vote on the IPEd new model. If you're thinking about upgrading to full membership, requirement details are on the website.

As we near the vote, Rosemary Noble has responded (on behalf of the Transition Working Party) to Janet Mackenzie's letter in last month's newsletter. Rosemary explains that the working party members have taken Janet's concerns to heart and now propose a more gradual transition to the direct membership model (if the vote is in favour). Read the details here.

In the last newsletter we mentioned an upcoming 'Debate on the Direct Membership Model' to be held on 12 September. We've now moved the debate to the October dinner meeting. Come along and find out what the issues really are without having to wade through all the documents.

More immediately, however, we meet for the AGM on 13 August. I'll be saying farewell to the communication committee, Kate Goldsworthy, Lorna Hendry and Alison Strumberger, who have been guiding the newsletter for me and coming up with articles, Q&A subjects, typos, etymological gems and more - thanks team! Others are also vacating positions on the committee and various subcommittees that make the society so useful and enjoyable to be a part of. Which means, your society needs you.

We also want your help in the redesign of the Freelance Register. The freelance committee is redesigning the search capability to help people find the editor/s that best fit their needs. They've put out a call for editors and publishers to help test the usability of the new search design.

There's lots more in this newsletter: Redact registration opens today; our Q&A is with freelancer Sophie Dougall, who also features in the report of the inaugural Gippsland editors meeting (quite a community of editors there, it turns out). We have reviews of Modern Australian Usage (3rd ed) and the software PerfectIt Pro - with a discount for members; updates on Redact, mentoring, IPEd and accreditation; and the always popular Dear Ed, etymology and WWW.

All the best,

Margie Beilharz
Newsletter Editor