Editors and Publishers: Please Help Us Test Updated Freelance Register Search Design

The Freelance Register is being updated, and the freelance subcommittee is seeking editors and publishers and/or project managers to test the usability of the new design.

The update is designed to:

  • make it easy for potential clients to find the editors who best match their needs
  • let editors create and maintain their own profiles on the Register
  • ensure that all editors in the Register are equally discoverable
  • reduce the number of clicks to get to a search
  • highlight the existing (but underused) option of advertising for an editor.

With many more non-traditional publishers around, it seems that project managers and others with little knowledge of editorial skills or experience of the publishing process are looking for editors. But the current search facility is hard to use: it's difficult to find the most suitable editors from the cluster of editors in the Register.

Editorial skills themselves are acquiring new names in the emerging digital environments, and sometimes it's a challenge to know what to include in one's profile.

The updated Search function will keep the existing 'Simple search' function, which works well for those who know the skillset they need and how to search for editors with that skillset.

We are also adding a 'Search by category' function where a potential client can filter on multiple options in up to eight different categories to create a reduced list of editors - those who will best fit the client's needs.

We want the Register to be up-to-date, accurate and easy to use, so it's crucial that we get the options under these categories right. We seek your input to help ensure that the search options available under each category are meaningful and will capture the scope of your editing skills.

Once the client has their shortlist, they can either contact the editors individually or 'Advertise' by requesting Editors Victoria to email each editor on their shortlist.

Finally, the planned update includes a 'Global list' that will list all the editors by name, with links to each person's Register entry.

All current members on the Register will be invited to test the proposed update. If you are not on the Register but would like to be involved, please email freelance@editorsvictoria.org.

Anne Gugger and Mary-Jo O'Rourke
Freelance Affairs Committee