Gippsland Meeting

Seven editors attended the first gathering in Gippsland on Friday 10 July. Over lunch at the Courthouse in Warragul, we discussed all the usual fun things editors talk about when they get together: quoting, qualifications, curious clients and that one pesky error that makes its way into publication no matter how thorough we thought we had been.

GippEds cropped

The Gippsland editors (L to R): Sally Woollett, Venetia Somerset, Sophie Dougall, Jan Miller, Maree Wallace and Anne Roussac-Hoyne. Not pictured is the photographer, Caitilin Punshon.

As this was the first time most of us had met, we also spent some time sharing our stories and being impressed by the diversity of each other's expertise. We left with the definite sense that connections and friendships had been made, and we're all looking forward to catching up again soon.

Our next gathering will be at 12.30pm on Thursday 27 August at the Koonwarra Store. All editors in the Gippsland area are most welcome to come and share in the good food, good company and good conversation.

Please contact Caitilin on 0421 545 282 or email if you would like to join us.