National Mentoring Update

Mentoring in Accreditation Exam Preparation

As our guidelines say, you can be mentored in just about anything, provided it has some link to editing. At the moment, there seems to be a surge in people seeking mentoring to help them prepare for the next IPEd accreditation exam. Why would this be? Well, the next exam is planned to be an on-screen exam instead of the usual paper and ink exam. You will be able to use Track Changes and not worry about proofreading marks - maybe this will be good for you if you constantly work with Track Changes. Maybe you haven't done an exam of any kind for a number of years - planning your pre-reading, your examination strategies, what reference material to take with you and why, taking care of yourself so that you feel confident on the day, and other topics could be among your goals.

Having a guide to help steer you through your preparation could help ease the pressure that any exam brings with it. Contact Davina Dadley-Moore, the Mentoring Program Coordinator for Victoria, or write to Ted or Elizabeth (see below) who will tell you who to contact in your area to find out about any aspect of our program.

Report from Mentoring Panel at Canada's 'Editing Goes Global' Conference

Carolyn Leslie (member of Editors Victoria and mentor in our program) participated in a panel discussion on mentoring at this conference, and, at our request, took information about our program with her. She has sent us her report:

'IPEd's National Mentoring Program is now receiving international attention. At the recent Editing Goes Global conference, hosted by the Editors Association of Canada (EAC), a well-attended session on running mentoring schemes took place. The panellists included Greg Ioannou, Gael Spivak, Joe Cotterchio-Milligan, Kelly Lamb, Janet MacMillan (all from EAC), Lenore Hietkamp (Professional Editors Association of Vancouver Island), Carolyn Leslie and Pamela Hewitt (Australia), Sara Peacock (Society for Editors and Proofreaders, UK) and Laura Poole (North Carolina).

Carolyn Leslie spoke about her experiences as a mentor in the IPEd scheme, and shared a copy of the newly revised IPEd program's guidelines. While a number of organisations represented at the conference already have mentoring schemes, their offerings tended to concentrate on mentoring emerging editors. These programs also tended to focus on the technical aspects of editing, such as allowing a mentee to work on a manuscript under the supervision of a more experienced editor.

IPEd's scheme was hailed as a forward-thinking model of inclusiveness, as it offers mentoring opportunities to a wide range of editors, including more senior and experienced people. It also offers more flexibility in what type of mentoring can be offered - such as taking your freelance editing business to the next level, and exploring social media for editors.

A number of the organisations that were represented at the panel discussion are now looking at the IPEd guidelines to see how they can adjust their schemes to offer high quality mentorships to editors up, down and across the spectrum of their membership bases.'

Our sincere thanks go to Carolyn. We are delighted that other editing organisations are impressed with our program and guidelines and want to follow in our footsteps. This is great news for Australia and for our international voice in mentoring for editors so soon in our IPEd association. Carolyn can be contacted by email at

State Coordinators

This month we bid farewell to the first state coordinator to be appointed to this program - Kerry Coyle (Western Australia). Kerry has been a tower of strength in the program, and we will miss her wise counsel very much, but we wish her well as she steps back from this and other commitments to take on different challenges. Thank you from all of us and best wishes, Kerry.

Our new Western Australian coordinator is Catherine Schwerin who says of herself: 'As a freelance German-English translator, language consultant and educator, language is my passion and profession. Through the mentoring program, I hope that the skills and experience my background brings can benefit editors in reaching their goals, as well as reinforcing the sense that they belong to a supportive network of professionals.' Welcome aboard, Catherine.

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