What's Happening in IPEd?

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IPEd's Transition Working Party (WP4) project teams are currently reviewing the feedback on the transition green papers from the members of all societies. There has been some excellent feedback that is helping to identify any necessary changes to the papers. When that review is complete, the WP4 committee will focus on developing the final information package for the voting members of all the editors societies.

That package will provide all the information that society members need to understand what the vote is about, and the advantages and risks of the proposed plan for the transition of IPEd to be a national, direct membership association of editors.

If you did read the green papers that were distributed for your feedback, you may be relieved to know that WP4's aim is for the information package to provide a concise, clear and sufficient overview of the transition plan and the vote in a few pages, with a further layer of some detail for those who want it.

The timing of the information package distribution and of the society votes is not firm yet, but will most likely be in the September-October period.

Charles Houen
IPEd Councillor, Editors Victoria