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This month we bring you a swag of information about what's going on at Editors Victoria and IPEd, and how you can take part. There's also lots of news on opportunities for professional development or simply getting together with 'your people' - other editors.

As you read this newsletter, you can:

  • put the date for the AGM in your diary and, even better, think about nominating for a position on the committee or a sub-committee
  • consider the word and taste of chocolate
  • hear reports from the social media panel at the June dinner (and see how moderator and reviewer Sarah Mokrzycki is already putting what she learned into practice) and from the Editing Goes Global conference, attended by Rosemary Noble on behalf of IPEd
  • lobby your local MP. Why? For editing, of course (and we don't mean their election flyers, dismal as they sometimes are)
  • peek into Kate Goldsworthy's month in editing as she juggles books at Affirm Press
  • agree or disagree with Distinguished Editor Janet Mackenzie and, in their update, IPEd about the benefits and risks of the proposed direct membership model for IPEd - because you'll be voting on it soon
  • hear what the Minister for Small Business is doing for, well, small businesses
  • plan your professional development, whether it be attending Redact or a training course, taking the IPEd or BELS accreditation exams or making plans to visit Brisbane for the next IPEd conference. The 2016 IPEd exam will be onscreen (yay for those who never actually pick up the proverbial editor's red pencil, aka your Ed)
  • click through for more information on the mentoring program, if you would like to offer or receive mentoring
  • ponder the 'new normal' with Dear Ed, welcome our new members and book your place at the next freelance lunch (through the member portal).

That's plenty to keep you busy - until next time.

Margie Beilharz
Newsletter Editor