Message from the President

July means change - the days lengthen, the new financial year kicks in, and the Koorie seasons shift from deep winter to early spring. I think of July as rich and luscious - it's the 'Christmas in July' month, the 'snuggle up and hunker down' month, the ruby month of that gem of love, health and wisdom.

July also means change for us here at Editors Victoria - we call for nominations for our committee members, to be elected or re-elected in August at our AGM. I'd love to hear from you if you're up for a stint in our committee. Whether you're a full member or not, there's a place for you and your skills, whether on our executive committee or one of our subcommittees. You can play a part in running Australia's largest and oldest society of editors, influence the course of history, learn new skills for your CV and work with a bunch of innovative, committed and inspired people.

The big kahuna for us this year is IPEd's proposed direct membership model (DMM). Thank you if we've corresponded during the IPEd DMM feedback period that ended in late June. The feedback is being collated and the next time we'll call on you is for our debate on 12 September and the vote in September/October. Thhis is a major part of our aim to get us all informed and working through what these changes will mean for us all as members, and for Editors Victoria, a very successful organisation as it stands. Is the DMM the best way to go for us?

Something I've noticed around the traps is a sense of apathy about the DMM, blind faith that it'll be in everyone's best interests as it has always been, so no need to worry about delving into the details. This worries me, as someone whose brief is to operate in the best interests of our past, present and future members. And it worries me also as someone who's been examining the proposal in detail over the past year.

Janet Mackenzie was our very first president, and her perspective goes back a long way. She lays out this perspective in her article 'Revolution or Evolution? Thoughts on the Proposal for Direct Membership of IPEd'.

We've had a very successful last couple of months with sold-out new training courses and great attendance at our June dinner meeting, which you can read about here. Things have been bubbling along with our other portfolios - read on for more about what our freelance, communications, professional development, treasury, secretarial and membership aces have been up to.

Welcome to another bumper edition of our newsletter. And here's to a ruby-grade month!

Jackey Coyle