Accreditation Exam to be Onscreen in 2016

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The IPEd Accreditation Board plans to hold the first onscreen accreditation exam on 30 April 2016. For the onscreen (as distinct from online) exam, candidates will sit the exam in a computer lab in an invigilated setting.

The Board is negotiating with a provider of computer training facilities which has venues to run the exam in capital cities, plus partner organisations across Australia, so further venues may be made available if required.

At the moment, the onscreen exam is planned to be in MS Word on PCs, but there will be the option to do it on Macs.

The Accreditation Board's exam prototype was available for testing at the recent Canberra conference, with delegates able to get a feel for how the onscreen exam will work, which resulted in very positive feedback. The prototype will be available on the IPEd website soon to allow further testing.