June 2015

Typo of the Month

I think this sign in Western Australia falls into the 'everything that could go wrong did go wrong' category. 

EnteringDieback WA_EAE

I grabbed this pic from the Editors' Association of Earth Facebook page, where it was posted by Jean Hollis Weber.

On Our Furred and Feathered Colleagues

Who says that working from home doesn't involve office politics? Many of us with home offices have to deal with needy, grumpy, loud and/or obnoxious co-workers who interfere with our tasks, take up our time with their whining, and laze around most of the day doing absolutely nothing while we slave away. They steal our stationery - sometimes even chewing it and then leaving it under our desks - and boss us around, expecting us to fetch food for them and then complaining when it isn't up to their strict standards. FernforEdVic lores


Username? Password? How to Log In

If you only occasionally book Editors Victoria training or events, or you want to log in on the IPEd site for the first time to read the IPEd Transition Green Papers, you may be flummoxed when faced with a request for your username and password.

Here's how it works.


Dear Ed

Dear Headword,deared

When I was doing my last BAS, I had to toss up whether the online Macquarie dictionary is a subscription or part of my professional library. Which is it?


Always Online