In this newsletter we take a look back at last month's national editors conference, with reports on some of the sessions for those who couldn't make it. But we spend more time looking forward: to lunch and dinner meetings; short training courses and the Redact weekend intensive; and the very future of our society.

We also entertain and divert you with tips on managing those feline (or canine) editorial assistants, the car trip that helps explain the etymology of comedy, uninterpretable signs and other bloopers (for which we give thanks they aren't ours).

Each month we get to peek into the life of another editor. This time Gillian Dite, who's come to editing from a career as a research scientist, tells us about her work.

Our President Jackey Coyle urges you to consider all the implications of the proposed new membership structure, and NSW IPEd Councillor Julie Ganner explains how IPEd came about and what is proposed in the change. Both point out the importance of providing feedback now (by 21 June) and then participating in the vote.

In case any members are uncertain how to access the members-only information on the IPEd or Editors Victoria websites, I've included some short instructions.

Until next month.

Margie Beilharz
Newsletter Editor