Sharing the IPEd Conference

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Plenty of members weren't able to go the IPEd conference last month, but that doesn't mean you need to miss out on it all.

This month's mentoring update reports back from the conference plenary session that explained all about how it works.

The conference website now features some excellent write-ups of some of the sessions, including:

conf jennymosher_lores

Jennifer Mosher spoke on when you need to sack bad clients (credit: Denise Sutherland)

One of my conference discoveries was the Australian manual of scientific style being developed by Biotext. It will be published this year as an online, subscription service aimed at people writing and editing scientific or technical information, from journal papers to media articles. You can register your interest for updates at

I was also interested to hear Pam Peters and Adam Smith discuss trends in Australian style (and a possible seventh edition of the Style Manual if funding can be found). We're moving away from the Style Manual towards less punctuation (no full stop at the end of dot point lists); leaving out some spaces (10am); and the spaced en rule instead of the unspaced em rule. But, perhaps surprisingly, the data don't support the notion that we're losing Australian spelling to the US version. Patterns of Australian, US and British spelling variations are perhaps best summed up as 'it's complicated'.

Being able to bring this bigger picture of usage and editing to my work is one of the great benefits of attending the conference for me.

Finally, pics of the conference are at - spot yourself or just see what a 'cardigan' of editors looks like.

Margie Beilharz