Redact 2015 Needs Your Help!

Redact (meaning 'to edit' or 'to put into suitable literary form') is a weekend intensive workshop for editors with two or more years' experience.

The Redact training program is designed to address the principles and processes outlined in IPEd's Australian Standards for Editing Practice, second edition. It's an excellent opportunity for participants to explore areas of editing and publishing in depth, with three streams of up to 12 participants. In 2013 the streams focused on fiction editing, project management and digital publishing.

Editors Victoria has successfully run Redact four times, beginning in 2006: twice in regional north Victoria, once in Geelong and most recently in Hepburn Springs in 2013. Our next course, on the weekend of 17-18 October 2015, will again be at  Grange Bellinzona in Hepburn Springs.

To help us organise our three streams for Redact 2015, we're asking members to complete an online survey. We've also included questions about your interest and involvement in professional development generally. Your responses will help Editors Victoria plan our training program for 2015.

Please complete the survey by Friday 10 April.

Thank you!