March 2015


I'm excited as I register for write|edit|index - just before the early bird rate finishes - and make travel plans. But there's also Redact to dream about, a swag of new training courses in the works and a freelance lunch this week.

Editors Victoria is certainly thriving, but changes are afoot with the proposed transition to a national editors' organisation. Jackey Coyle and Charles Houen explain the process ahead, and the key dates for input. And Ed Highley, an honorary life member of the Canberra Society of Editors, writes to us explaining his concerns about the move to a national society. Read it in the context of your upcoming opportunity to give feedback on the process, and then vote.

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Until next month,

Margie Beilharz
Newsletter Editor

President's Report

The days are getting shorter; the year is unfolding. As I watch the clouds scud across within the frame of my window, I wonder where we will be when the days are lengthening again.

The clouds change shape each time I look, and it reminds me that we at Editors Victoria are part of an organism that is constantly changing. It is more than us, a greater presence than us, yet we play a vital part in these changes.


The IPEd Transition Project

The year 2015 is shaping up to be momentous for Australian editors and their societies.

IPEd's Working Party 4 (WP4) project teams have been working hard to prepare 'green papers', which are draft portions of the comprehensive transition plan for the formation of a national editors' association with direct membership of individual editors.


Previewing the 2015 Training Program

As the new training officer, I'm putting together an exciting new program for 2015, with the return of some popular workshop staples plus some brand new courses for Editors Victoria.

Already confirmed, and coming up on 11 April, is the ever popular 'Dance Steps for the Self-Employed Editor' run by Editors Victoria President Jackey Coyle - this course is a must for any editor who is considering going freelance, and combines information, discussion and activities across the five essential elements of being successfully self-employed. Registrations open soon!


Redact 2015 is coming!

So what is this Redact anyway?

A weekend away with good food and networking, or an intensive residential weekend of editorial training? Let's go with both.

Editors Victoria offers Redact every two years, and this year it will be on 17-18 October at Grange Bellinzona in Hepburn Springs.


Editing and Food at the February Dinner Meeting

Editors Victoria hosted its first dinner meeting for the year on 11 February 2015 - and set the bar high for things to come! We held the dinner in the private function room at CQ, a space that oozed warmth and intimacy. Beautifully laid tables had patterned runners and crisp white linen, and the room's large windows offered balcony views of Queen Street below.

To coincide with the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, our evening had a foodie theme. Our speaker was the charming and friendly Hannah Koelmeyer. Hannah is the online content editor for Cooked, a digital initiative for cookbooks and recipes created by Hardie Grant Publishing. Cooked has been described as 'the Netflix of cookbooks', offering thousands of recipes from world-class chefs.


Monthly Feature: The Editor Q&A

Alison Strumberger is the first to take part in our new series - The Editor Q&A. She has been editing for five years and her field is academic texts. She answers our probing questions:

How has your month been?

This month began as several others have before: with a panicked email from an academic with a 90,000-word PhD dissertation set to be published as a book. She was in need of an edit and proofread to meet the publisher's deadline in two weeks' time. 'It's not a big job,' she said. 'It shouldn't be a heavy edit.' Academics invariably say this, and it invariably is. I quoted. I sent a contract. I cleared my schedule, letting a long-term, ongoing client know that I had a rush job to do, and that I'd be taking a little longer with Chapter 9 of her tome on exercise science. I also lightened my load at my part-time job as the manager of a bookshop.


Still Time for a Rethink on IPEd - Letter

Dear Editor,

Still time for a rethink on IPEd

I hope that you will publish this letter to stimulate your members to think long and hard about the future of their society and profession, and our shared national affairs, matters which should be of great concern to all of us.


Micro Mentor

Dear Micro Mentor,

Isn't it to OK to check everything using Google? Doesn't everyone do that?

Googlers Anonymous


Typo of the Month

Editors Victoria member Bel Doley spotted this enthusiastic sign painting job in a Kew car park.

Typo in car park