Redact 2015 is coming!

So what is this Redact anyway?

A weekend away with good food and networking, or an intensive residential weekend of editorial training? Let's go with both.

Editors Victoria offers Redact every two years, and this year it will be on 17-18 October at Grange Bellinzona in Hepburn Springs.

We're taking suggestions on topics for the three streams, and current suggestions include manuscript assessment (probably with a focus on fiction), corporate editing (annual reports, websites etc), editorial project management, digital publishing and young adult fiction.

Let us know what you'd be interested in learning more about, at

A word or two from participants in Redact 2013:

Kristy Burt did the Project Management stream: 'The weekend proved an invaluable opportunity to learn and improve practice and to share ideas and methods with others.'

Christina Ratcliffe tackled E-publishing: 'We learned the "why", "what" and "how" of EPUBs, as well as the "which", "who" and "when" ... and, most important of all, the editor's role in a quality ebook.'

Lorna Hendry did the Fiction Editing stream with Mandy Brett: 'In the final session, to our absolute joy, Mandy gave us each a final copy of the young adult novel we'd been tackling. It was very satisfying to realise that many of the issues we'd identified had been resolved (using very clever solutions that we all immediately wished we had thought of).'

Read the whole report from the  September 2013 newsletter.