President's Report

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The days are getting shorter; the year is unfolding. As I watch the clouds scud across within the frame of my window, I wonder where we will be when the days are lengthening again.

The clouds change shape each time I look, and it reminds me that we at Editors Victoria are part of an organism that is constantly changing. It is more than us, a greater presence than us, yet we play a vital part in these changes.

Some mammoth changes have been a long time in the making. We now have some dates for the IPEd transition process. I urge you to block in some time for review, feedback, discussion and voting. Your vote is crucial!

We are very excited to have dates for our 2015 Redact fix.

If we saw you at the delicious foodie-themed February dinner meeting, you'll have the scoop on the release of our new training program, the first put together by Pam Firth, with our Professional Development committee head Davina Dadley-Moore. Read all about it here.

Thanks to our committee and staff, for their dedication and hard work.

Meanwhile, hope to catch you at the freelance lunch - and of course our next dinner meeting coming up on 16 April. Details to come.

And even better, at the national conference in May! 

Jackey Coyle