The IPEd Transition Project

The year 2015 is shaping up to be momentous for Australian editors and their societies.

IPEd's Working Party 4 (WP4) project teams have been working hard to prepare 'green papers', which are draft portions of the comprehensive transition plan for the formation of a national editors' association with direct membership of individual editors.

These green papers have been distributed to all societies' committees for their review and feedback, which was requested by the end of February. The WP4 project teams will now revise the green papers to incorporate this feedback, and then the IPEd Council will review and endorse them.

Distribution of green papers

After any further revision, the aim is to distribute the green papers by 23 April to the members of all societies, through their committees, asking for their feedback by 31 May. When that feedback is received, the committees will compile summaries by 30 June.


The WP4 teams will review the feedback summaries from all society committees, make any final changes to the papers, and provide the final white papers, an overall summary of the transition plan and voting documents to the Council by 26 July. The Council will then review and endorse the complete transition plan, and finalise the voting protocol on 2 August.



The aim is to open voting by 16 August, and close the vote by 30 September. During this six-week period, we will hold an information and discussion meeting so that as many of you as possible can participate in the vote.


Counting and verification of the vote should be complete by 3 October, and Council will declare the result by 5 October. 


Dates for your diary


These are the crucial dates to block in some time to read numerous papers, discuss them, participate in the feedback process and vote.


23 April - 31 May:
Review and give feedback on green papers.

16 August - 30 September:
Attend a discussion meeting. Vote for or against a national editors association with direct membership of individual editors.


Transition date

If a sufficient majority approves the plan, IPEd Council will - in consultation with the societies - set a transition date when the new IPEd will commence operating. This date is likely to be early in 2016, allowing for preparatory work by the societies and IPEd. It will still take a considerable number of months after that date to get the new IPEd operating fully as intended.

Your part

This whole process involves a great deal of work by IPEd WP4 volunteers, the IPEd councillors, and each society's committee. It will also involve you, our members, in reading numerous papers, discussing them and participating in the feedback process and voting.

This project is of vital concern to us all - it will have a significant effect on the future of our profession in Australia. IPEd and your committee will keep you informed during the process leading up to the final vote.

Jackey Coyle

Charles Houen
IPEd Councillor, Victoria