Mentoring Update - Achieve Your Editing Goals or Help Others

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We have exciting news: the first mentorship in Victoria is now complete. And several more pairs are about to begin their journey.

Thank you once again to our volunteer mentors for your dedication to the editing profession.

We still have many more mentees than mentors, so if you think that you might like to help another editor reach his or her potential, feel free to chat to me about it. This opportunity is now open to members at all levels.

If you've been reading these updates in 2014, you'll know that each mentee sets a specific goal or goals and is then matched with a mentor who has the skills and knowledge to help the mentee achieve these goals. Therefore, despite our mentor deficit, we have unmatched mentors who are patiently waiting for the right mentee. So please don't hesitate to contact me if you'd like to be mentored, because the perfect mentor could be waiting. In particular, we're keen to see more mid-career editors put up their hands.

Davina Dadley-Moore
Local Mentoring Coordinator