National Mentoring Program

Looking into the 'crystal ball': In the transition from individual societies to a single entity (the Institute of Professional Editors Limited [IPEd]) with branches, one function stands out as not requiring much change - our national mentoring program.

While we expect IPEd will take responsibility for supporting the mentoring program, it will continue to be run exactly as it is at present, but on behalf of IPEd, from Canberra, with the national coordinators being members of what will become the Canberra branch of IPEd. This arrangement is expected to continue, at least in the short term, for as long as there are members of the Canberra branch willing and able to take on the roles of joint national coordinators.

Support provided by IPEd is likely to include funding for national coordinators to travel interstate to run mentors' workshops, finding rooms and arranging funding for hire of rooms for workshops. It will also facilitate receipt of fees and disbursements of honoraria to mentors.

We think the situation looks rosy for our national mentoring program. It is already functioning well, with a number of mentorships now underway. Mentorship pairings are now both intrastate and interstate, and the program has attracted editors from outside Australia as well. So far, we have been able to accommodate non-Australian residents by ensuring that they are as qualified as Australians to be part of the program, and by 'attaching' them to one or other of the existing societies. We envisage no problem in the future, and welcome any opportunity to share what we believe is the most mentee-friendly mentoring program for editors in the English-speaking world.

Mentorships: Congratulations to Queensland, Western Australia and the ACT - all three have been busy developing mentorship pairings and currently have 11 mentorships up and running.

Workshops: Elizabeth and Ted are happy to run mentors' workshops wherever required, with the expectation that local coordinators will be able to run these workshops themselves later. So far, Elizabeth has run workshops in Melbourne (two), Brisbane (one) and by the end of November will also have run one each in Adelaide and Perth. Any member of any society who would like to be a mentor in our program is asked to attend at least one mentors' workshop before starting on their first pairing with a mentee, if possible. Mentoring means different things in different places and in different situations, and we need to ensure that our mentors are all 'on the same page'. The workshops are free, and you are welcome to attend more than one - either in person or by Skype. Contact your local Mentoring Coordinator, Davina Dadley-Moore in Victoria, for details. If you don't know who your local coordinator is, contact Ted or Elizabeth.

Ted Briggs AE
Elizabeth Manning Murphy DE
Joint National Coordinators

Victorian Update

We are now matching mentees with mentors in Victoria. We have four pairings at the early stages of the process. Thank you once again to all those editors who have offered their time as mentors. Our mentees have various goals, including launching a freelance business, passing the accreditation exam, learning skills for editing in a web-only environment and making the transition from non-fiction to fiction. If you think you can help provide support to editors with these or other goals, send me an email to find out more about the program. We believe that everyone has something to offer as a mentor, and members at all levels are welcome. Make it a rewarding 2015 by sharing your experience with another editor.

Davina Dadley-Moore
Mentorship Officer