National Mentoring Program Update

Our Coordinators' Team Is Complete Again

After a little hiatus, the ACT has a new coordinator, Pam Faulks. Pam sees the mentoring program as a great way for editors at all levels to work together for mutual benefit. Welcome to the team, Pam.

The Program

Please contact your local coordinator (Davina Dadley-Moore in Victoria) if you haven't yet thought about mentoring. We're happy to include people who live in regional centres and not just capital cities. Maybe you would like to be mentored (guided) through the steps to understanding new technology or an area of editing that you would like to try for a change? Then apply to Davina for guidance notes and an application form. Maybe you would like to try your hand at mentoring (guiding) a fellow editor through an aspect of editing that you are good at? Again, Davina can send you an application form and guidance notes. It's a great way to share knowledge, one-to-one, at your own pace, and perhaps build a lasting friendship.

Forthcoming Events Around the Country

  • Video: Your national coordinators have been far from idle! Ted and Elizabeth have produced a video about mentoring, which is available, through your local mentoring coordinator, for showing at society general meetings.
  • Local mentors' workshops: In August, Elizabeth embarked on a program of visits to Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth, to run in-person mentors' workshops. Either Elizabeth or Ted will be available early next year to run a workshop in Hobart and, with Pam Faulks, in Canberra. This is in addition to the Skype workshops that are run from Canberra as required.
  • Mentoring at the next IPEd conference: We expect to be presenting a paper at the May 2015 conference and to joining the indexers in a panel discussion. More details as we hear more. We hope most of the current state coordinators will join us in these activities.

Happy mentoring!

Elizabeth Manning Murphy DE

Ted Briggs AE

Update from Editors Victoria

Many thanks to the Editors Victoria members who attended the mentors' workshops in May. Your feedback has transformed the steps for implementing mentorships in the national program. We are now pairing mentors and mentees and are looking forward to the program flourishing in Victoria.

Editors Victoria would also like to invite all members to become mentors, regardless of membership level (member, associate member or student member). We know that every editor has something to share, so don't be humble.

Contact Davina to apply to be a mentor or a mentee in Victoria or to chat about any aspect of mentoring:

Davina Dadley-Moore