We're ba-ack. As the new ed hasn't been hired yet and there is a wealth of information to impart, we decided to put together an October issue. 'We' being your eds of the past year, Lorna and Kate, and a new addition to our newsletter and social media family, Alison Strumberger, a terrific ed who has just joined the committee.

Alison isn't the only new member by a long shot. In this issue we reveal the juicy details of your committee members, old hands and new, in all their editorial glory. For your reading pleasure we also present Alison's take on the recent Manuscript Assessor Conference and Davina Dadley-Moore's on the AWMA conference; some important info on the IPEd Prize, reaccreditation and the National Mentoring Program; our consistently excellent Dear Ed and Micro Mentor advice columns; as well as a punbelievable Etymology from Kate's better half, Sheree Clark.

Your eds,

Lorna Hendry, Kate Goldsworthy & Alison Strumberger