Annual General Meeting

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The Annual General Meeting of Editors Victoria will be held on Thursday 14 August at CQ Functions, 113 Queen Street, Melbourne, from 6:30 pm. As usual, this meeting will be free for financial members, but you must register if you wish to attend. 

This is EV's most important meeting of the year, and we hope that everyone who can possibly get there will come. At the meeting, our officeholders' reports for the year will be presented, including the Treasurer's audited financial statements. This is a particularly important phase in our history. As we move towards a national body, committee members in each state are making decisions that will affect editors Australia-wide. Accredited Editors in particular have an important stake in the way IPEd proceeds.

You will soon receive forms for nominating candidates for President and for the committee. This year, several long-serving committee members will resign, so we need nominations from as many full members as possible.

If you are a full member, please think about putting your hand up to be part of your committee. If you have never served on the committee, or haven't had a stint for a few years, we encourage you to consider it. Things have changed over the last two years. We have better systems and more administrative help, so the burden on committee members is much less than it once was. Meetings are held every two months, so attendance is not onerous.

Vacancies to be filled at the AGM include President, Freelance Affairs, Professional Development, Membership and Events. It is intended that the new committee include small subcommittees for each of those areas, and this will further lighten individual loads and help to generate ideas. It also opens more opportunities for members to participate.

The benefits are the warm inner glow that comes from helping to keep Editors Victoria running; knowing you are contributing to your society and your profession; and a discount on dinner meetings and training. Plus it's a great addition to your CV.

If you'd like to know more about the committee before you put your hand up, please contact us. All our contact details can be found on the website.

Charles Houen, Secretary
Trischa Mann, President

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