'Income tax returns are the most imaginative fiction being written today,' said Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Herman Wouk. Being editors, not novelists, we advise you to remain firmly in the land of non-creative non-fiction when it comes to your looming tax return. This month we have interviewed a tax accountant who works regularly with writers and editors and asked him your most pressing questions.

Continuing the theme of expert advice, Micro Mentor suggests a new (financial) year's resolution for freelancers and Dear Ed takes on the issues of binge editing and public pyjama wearing.

Also in this issue, Christina Ratcliffe tells you what you missed at the Emerging Writers' Festival Emerging Editors one-day conference, and our guest reviewer Claudia Barnett recounts our recent symposium on the future of Young Adult publishing.

The date for our Annual General Meeting has been announced. We'd love to see you on Thursday 14 August to celebrate another great year for Editors Victoria and talk about our future plans. There will be vacancies on the committee if you'd like to join up to contribute and share your ideas. (But you can't have our job yet, because we're staying on for another year.)

Finally, results of the IPEd accreditation exam were sent out on Sunday 29 June. Congratulations to the 16 Editors Victoria members who are now Accredited Editors, and one non-member who also passed. To those who missed out this time, our commiserations. It is a very tough exam indeed and we know everyone worked long and hard to prepare for it.

Your eds,

Kate Goldsworthy and Lorna Hendry AE