New Editors Victoria Membership System

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The implementation of the new membership system has been in progress since 1 May. The system has greatly improved both the ease of managing member and event records, and the integrity and accuracy of the data.

Members have a self-service portal that allows them to review and update their details, renew and pay for subscriptions, and book and pay for courses and dinners. Payments by credit and debit cards can be made online, and 'pay later' can also be done by online banking EFT, BPay and cheque.

While most of this was available in the previous systems, the new system is more user-friendly. There were also issues with the previous systems for the committee, due to separate databases for different functions, which affected data accuracy and made management more difficult.

By 20 May, 278 members had registered for the self-service portal. We anticipate that many more will register in June as a large number of subscriptions become due for renewal in July.

It is a more secure system, so members can be confident about the privacy of their information. However, this also means that the process for members to register for access to the self-service portal of the system is a little more complicated. We have refined the instructions and emails for registering and creating passwords, and we hope that this is making those functions easier.

Initially, all members-only content, including the newsletter, continues on the website, and requires website login credentials. We aim, within a few weeks, to move this content to the member self-service portal, so that members will need only that single username and password.

We welcome your comments about the new system - send them to For immediate problems or uncertainties, please contact or