2014-15 Membership Fees

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Dear members,

I'm delighted to say that membership fees for the 2014-15 year will be unchanged.

Although most of the work is done by volunteers, the 'Going National' work being done by and for IPEd does cost money. IPEd has called on its member societies to help pay for the costs of preparing the plan for the implementation and operation of a restructured IPEd. IPEd will operate as a direct membership association if you, the current members, vote for that.

A Transition Levy of $45 levy per member has been agreed. The Editors Victoria committee has decided to pay this $45 levy per member from our accumulated surpluses. We are lucky to be in this position, and we can thank good financial management in the past. Other state societies may need to call on the members to pay it as an additional levy added to their membership fee.

So, the good news from your EV Committee is that (although this is a cost calculated per member) we won't be asking you to pay it.

Trischa Mann