AE or Not AE

On Saturday 3 May, 91 editors from around Australia sat the IPEd accreditation exam.

Editors Victoria was well-represented, with our members making up one-third of all candidates.

The breakdown by state was as follows:

  • Editors Victoria 27
  • Canberra Society of Editors 15
  • Society of Editors (NSW) 15
  • Society of Editors (Qld) 14
  • Society of Editors (SA) 2
  • Society of Editors (Tas) 2
  • Society of Editors (WA) 2
  • Non-members 14

On behalf of all the Victorian candidates, I'd like thank everyone who assisted on exam day. It was very reassuring to have such a smooth registration process, especially as we were all getting more and more nervous as the start time approached. Susan Keogh gave very clear directions during the exam, the invigilators were on hand to assist at all times and our Editors Victoria president was also there handing out lollies to keep our blood sugar up.

Personally, I found the exam quite tough (I know, it wasn't meant to be easy!), so I have my fingers crossed that I scraped through and will soon be able to use that coveted AE postnominal.

The results of the exams will be released towards the end of June. Good luck, everyone!

Lorna Hendry