Your New Membership System

On 1 May, we switched on Editors Victoria's new membership system, and we hope you will find it truly 'yours'.

It includes self-service functions and an attractive user interface so you can easily:

  • View and update most of your membership details
  • Renew and pay for your membership online, using either MasterCard or Visa credit cards, or MasterCard- or Visa-branded debit cards
  • Register and pay for dinner and training events.

The system will also make it easier and more efficient for the committee and staff to maintain the system so that we have accurate records and can provide you with the best service.

If you are a member you will receive an email asking you to go to the member portal in the new system and register for access to your record and to member services.

Website Changes

Most functions of our website will not change. The site will provide the same information (eg membership and events). When you click on a link to renew your membership, update your profile or register for an event, you will be taken straight to the membership portal. There you can log in and use those functions.

Similarly, the website will continue to provide information about joining Editors Victoria. When someone clicks 'Join Now' they will be taken straight to the membership application page of our new system.

We hope you enjoy the new system. Take the time to access your member record and make sure that it is up to date.